David Robinson is a Visiting Scholar at Regent College and a Research Associate at Vancouver School of Theology. His current research focuses on the reception of Greek tragedy, particularly concepts of “fate,” in the work of German Lutheran theologians who lived and worked between 1919-1945. Entitled After Tragedy: Conflicting Social Orders and the Unity of God, the project explores a period in which strident nationalism arose out of cultural and material crisis, even as the Luther Renaissance led some theologians to question the rule of fate as “law.”


David’s doctoral thesis, which he completed at the University of Edinburgh in July 2017, is entitled Disruption of the Word: Revelatory Community in Bonhoeffer’s Reception of Hegel. It offers the first sustained treatment of Bonhoeffer’s critical variations on Hegel’s philosophy, particularly his use of the phrase “Christ existing as community.” The project includes investigation into how faith and reason are socially composed, how a sacramental event might be conveyed conceptually, and what forms of recognition exist between the state and religious bodies. Portions of the thesis and related essays have been published in Modern Theology, Scottish Journal of Theology, and Studies in Christian Ethics.


While completing his Ph.D., David also worked as Postgraduate Conference Convener for the Society for the Study of Christian Ethics (U.K.), Tutor and Guest Lecturer at New College, and Blog Host for Kathryn Tanner’s 2016 Gifford Lectures, “Christianity and the New Spirit of Capitalism.” Meanwhile, he maintained ties to Regent as a Distance Education Instructor in Interdisciplinary Studies and Spiritual Theology. He also served as a Committee Member, with Regent faculty and other alumni, during the inaugural two years of the Abbey Summer School in Scotland.


Alongside his academic work, David has worked in Anglican / Episcopal ministry since his ordination in 2009, serving congregations in both Ottawa and Edinburgh. He has recently been involved training ordinands as an Associate Tutor with the Scottish Episcopal Institute.


David lives in Coquitlam with his wife Jolene, who works as the Communications Manager for Jewish Family Services, and their daughter Naomi. Profile

Twitter: @DavidScottR


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